AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-06add missing join holes (possible openscad bug)HEADmasterJan Huwald
2015-03-05remove old files, add default make targetJan Huwald
2015-03-05clean and ignore .stl, .gcode and .depJan Huwald
2015-03-05update full modelJan Huwald
2015-03-05add entry side module with improved airflowJan Huwald
2015-03-05.Jan Huwald
2015-03-05reimplement sideJan Huwald
2015-03-05implement backJan Huwald
2015-03-05move connector_width to parametersJan Huwald
2015-03-05fix back orientation for printingJan Huwald
2015-02-25move computed variables into parameter fileJan Huwald
2015-02-25fix tray recepticleJan Huwald
2015-02-25fix variable orderJan Huwald
2015-02-25.Jan Huwald
2015-02-25move vars to parameters.scad, add a little spacing, fix rail cutoutJan Huwald
2015-02-25add cura profileJan Huwald
2015-02-20change default params: more disks, more compactJan Huwald
2015-02-20make vertical connector size depend on rail width to avoid collisionsJan Huwald
2015-02-20change strap positions to avoid collision with other featuresJan Huwald
2015-02-20add version of the front with capped bottom to save spaceJan Huwald
2015-02-20change sata power connector form hole to path for cablesJan Huwald
2015-02-19fix strapsJan Huwald
2015-02-19split into tray, front, side; adapt params; add sideJan Huwald
2015-02-19rework: frontJan Huwald
2014-02-12add back connector poleJan Huwald
2014-02-12back connector: add assembly hooks, add pcb holesJan Huwald
2014-02-11backplane: add PCB screw holesJan Huwald
2014-02-11reorder & document parametersJan Huwald
2014-02-11back connector: add screw holes on right borderJan Huwald
2014-02-11full model: back connector border conditionsJan Huwald
2014-02-11full model: fix positionsJan Huwald
2014-02-11full model: add back connector, fix front connector positionJan Huwald
2014-02-11add connector_backJan Huwald
2014-02-11refractor from connector_front to connectorJan Huwald
2014-02-11nipple: add epsilonJan Huwald
2014-02-11.Jan Huwald
2014-02-11connector: improve thread holesJan Huwald
2014-02-11move some nippels and rails from connector_front to connectorJan Huwald
2014-02-11replace vertical thread bar width screwsJan Huwald
2014-02-11connector: remove extraneous side nippelJan Huwald
2014-02-11fractor out connector sceleton common to front and backJan Huwald
2014-02-11.Jan Huwald
2014-02-11full model" simplify loopJan Huwald
2014-02-11full model: add backplaneJan Huwald
2014-02-11add toy model of the backplaneJan Huwald
2014-02-05full model: print total sizeJan Huwald
2014-02-05front: create downward nipples againJan Huwald
2014-02-04add missing hdd.scadJan Huwald
2014-02-04add hdd frontal standoutJan Huwald
2014-02-04full model: add example hddJan Huwald
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