AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-13allow reading .scad files from standard inputHEADmasterf_read_stdinJan Huwald
2014-02-13Adapted wil1471's pull request #385 to masterMarius Kintel
2014-02-13Bugfix: GUI stayed locked if CGAL compile failedMarius Kintel
2014-02-11More comments to clarify #495Marius Kintel
2014-02-11Added testcase for #112Marius Kintel
2014-02-11Added test for issue exporting volume with a cavity - #495Marius Kintel
2014-02-11Fixed issue 1 of #598: Auto-compile on subsequent File->OpenMarius Kintel
2014-02-10Merge branch 'master' into export-menuMarius Kintel
2014-02-10Merge branch 'master' of Kintel
2014-02-10Move Export menu entries to a sub-menu of the File menu (fixes #474).Torsten Paul
2014-02-10Deprecated child()Marius Kintel
2014-02-10#504 Updated example: child() -> children()Marius Kintel
2014-02-10Fixed a bug failing to detect changes in underlying libraries. Should improve...Marius Kintel
2014-02-10Added test for #181Marius Kintel
2014-02-10cosmeticsMarius Kintel
2014-02-09Cleaned up some module cache misbehaviors. Fixes #535Marius Kintel
2014-02-09Added test for #535Marius Kintel
2014-02-06Use homebrew-built libraries, use actual # of CPUsMarius Kintel
2014-02-06Backported #638 from unstableMarius Kintel
2014-02-06fix related to 6a1d91dc76ec819e85b180b8cdaf40ddd639a538Marius Kintel
2014-02-06syncMarius Kintel
2014-02-06Moved % modifier handling from node to nodedumper. This makes nodes with % op...Marius Kintel
2014-02-06Remove automatic validity check at end of renderOskar Linde
2014-02-06Editor: Fix bug where replaceAll could enter an infinite loopOskar Linde
2014-02-06Editor: Subtle UI TweakOskar Linde
2014-02-06Editor: Implement Search & ReplaceOskar Linde
2014-02-06Editor: Reduce find panel bottom marginOskar Linde
2014-02-06Editor: Implemented simple Find functionalityOskar Linde
2014-02-06Backported 2e3729ab2268f29ee4ff5898f629c4a10c2d6587 to master; redo assembleP...Marius Kintel
2014-02-05ifdef Qt5 methodMarius Kintel
2014-02-05Scale axis display on high-DPI displaysMarius Kintel
2014-02-05Qt5: Ported Q_WS usage to Q_OSMarius Kintel
2014-02-04Fix issue with boost and Apple namespace pollutionMarius Kintel
2014-02-04Qt5 qmake needs explicit includpathMarius Kintel
2014-02-04Build qt5Marius Kintel
2014-02-04Merge branch 'master' of Kintel
2014-02-04Added --csglimit parameterMarius Kintel
2014-02-04Increased the default csg limit to 100KMarius Kintel
2014-02-03Merge pull request #636 from openscad/issue634Marius Kintel
2014-02-03Fix positional arguments for polyhedron (fixes #634).Torsten Paul
2014-02-02Merge branch 'master' of Kintel
2014-02-02fix issue 629 - dont run sudo automatically as it can harm some systemsDon Bright
2014-02-01Merge pull request #577 from hroncok/patch-5Marius Kintel
2014-02-01Merge pull request #608 from tim-caper/issue593Marius Kintel
2014-02-01Merge branch 'issue593' of git:// Kintel
2014-01-29Made executableMarius Kintel
2014-01-29fixup 593 revisedTim V. Shaporev
2014-01-28removed temporary fileMarius Kintel
2014-01-27Create freenode-verification.txtMarius Kintel
2014-01-25fixup issue 593Tim V. Shaporev
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