AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-26dissector: allow zero length tasks, reformatHEADmasterJan Huwald
2013-06-26wireshark dissectormartin
2012-05-21remove outdated commentsJan Huwald
2012-05-21hbbp_keygen: add own implementation of randombytesJan Huwald
2012-05-21Makefile: override (append) external variablesJan Huwald
2012-05-21Makefile: add distcleanJan Huwald
2012-05-21doc: add actual usage exampleJan Huwald
2012-05-21add documentation of used cryptopgraphy and securityJan Huwald
2012-05-21create example directoryJan Huwald
2012-05-21add key generatorJan Huwald
2012-05-21add optional assymetric payload encryptionJan Huwald
2012-05-20Makefile: add locally built NaCL libraryJan Huwald
2012-05-16rename executables to hbbp[cd]Jan Huwald
2011-12-05remove OpenWRT-specific Makefile; move src/ to /miau
2011-12-02broadcaster: check payload size for stdin, fix off-by-onemiau
2011-12-02update max msg len to IPv6 UDP minimummiau
2011-12-02fix wait(), remove debug printfsmiau
2011-12-02fix two off-by-one errors during io redirectionmiau
2011-12-02add ERP error macro to catch all those errors that will never happenmiau
2011-12-02read/write payloads via stdiomiau
2011-12-01change to IPv6miau
2011-07-29add example handlermiau
2011-07-11corrected OpenWRT makefilemiau
2011-06-20daemonize listenermiau
2011-06-20Merge branch 'master' of
2011-06-16 * made the package not seleced by defaultegon0
2011-06-16 * fixed some typosegon0
2011-06-13listener: close fd on exec; not on exitmiau
2011-06-13listener: adhere to no news is good news, imporve exitmiau
2011-06-05code beautymiau
2011-06-05add receiver loop, service multiplexing, common.hmiau
2011-06-04InitialMartin Michel
contact: Jan Huwald // Impressum