AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-28analysis: compute average and cumulative trajectory lengthHEADmasteranalysisJan Huwald
2013-06-25add canon program option to test canonicalisationJan Huwald
2013-06-25.Jan Huwald
2013-06-25use ordered map in cycleStat() to get sorted resultJan Huwald
2013-06-25change computation of cycle id and redundancy detectionJan Huwald
2013-06-25fix computation of maxStateJan Huwald
2013-06-25.Jan Huwald
2013-06-24skip unneccessary loops in findCycleJan Huwald
2013-06-24support canceling iterTrans if no work is done anymoreJan Huwald
2013-06-14compute cycle redundancy again, refractor, optimizeJan Huwald
2013-06-14.Jan Huwald
2013-06-14refractor, change cycle identificationJan Huwald
2013-06-14timer: add \t for easier parsingJan Huwald
2013-06-14mmalloc: use placement new instead of castingJan Huwald
2013-06-14mmalloc: only alloc via hugetlb memory areas >= 1 GBJan Huwald
2013-06-14mmalloc: unlink tmp file after openingJan Huwald
2013-06-14Makefile: fix, improve, restructureJan Huwald
2013-06-14set default bit-width to 16Jan Huwald
2013-06-14remove packed_arrayJan Huwald
2013-06-07add mmalloc.hpp, support hugetlbfs allocationJan Huwald
2013-06-04add verbose timer function, replace bitset w/ packed_arrayJan Huwald
2013-06-04packed_array: add a little atomic access logicJan Huwald
2013-06-04go to 64-bit State, use bit-packed arrayJan Huwald
2013-06-03more parallelism, cheap race checkJan Huwald
2013-06-03count garden of eden statesJan Huwald
2013-03-06add sge_task.shJan Huwald
2013-03-06add compile-time variable bit lengthJan Huwald
2013-02-28.Jan Huwald
2013-02-28add parallel executionJan Huwald
2013-02-28get memory via mmap, try huge tables and prepopulationJan Huwald
2013-02-27merge symmetric cyclesJan Huwald
2013-02-27make iterTrans verboseJan Huwald
2013-02-27add cycle statistics functionJan Huwald
2013-02-27Initial commitJan Huwald
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